Starting of another new adventure

This is another starting point in my life, where I, once again, force myself to commit to something.
In the past, I have made various YouTube accounts that never really worked out, mainly because I eventually got tired, and it was just WAY too much work for me to handle.
I’m not saying that blogging would be any easier than making videos, but it’s something I haven’t tried yet.

To be honest, I have a final to write tomorrow, but as I was studying, the idea of blogging struck me.
Ugh, don’t you just hate it when great ideas come at the worst times?
Like, why couldn’t I have thought of making a blog when I was dying of boredom laying on my bed, watching endless number of movies and eating.
Whatever. Better late than never.
Maybe the whole blogging idea came from my desperation to procrastinate even more, who knows.

Through this journey, I hope I can allow myself to step out of my comfort zone and venture at new things.
If you decide to join me for this journey, that’s great.
But if you don’t that’s fine by me.
I am making this blog for no one else other than me.
Maybe that’s why my previous attempts to vlog and make videos didn’t work out, because I was trying to make things for other people, but not this time.

I am not the greatest writer.
Actually, I suck at writing.
And I’m not really all that creative either.

For anyone else who feel like they can’t do anything,
or will never commit to something, you’re probably right.
But all that can change with a little change of perspective of yourself.
When you feel like all hope is gone and it’s too late for you to start something,
“It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot


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