Will you ever be busy for that ONE friend

Don’t lie, even within your little group of friends, you prioritize some friends more than others no matter how many times you may deny it and say that they’re ALL equally important to you.
Haha, bs.

Here I was trying to study for my finals, and I decide to text a friend to complain about this massive headache I have.
After sending the text, I go back to studying.
About a minute later, my phone notifies me saying that I have a message.
Me, trying to be a good student I am (haha, jokes), I try to study a bit more before opening the text because I know myself well enough to know that I will soon be too engaged in the exchange of text messaging to go back to studying anytime soon.

However, a couple seconds later, the phone rings again.
At this point, I cave and see who it is from.
As expected one of the text is from the friend I texted earlier, I’ll refer to her as Friend 1.
The other is from a different friend, Friend 2.

Now, I’m not even going to deny that I like everyone equally.

I immediately respond to Friend 1 and soon, we have a conversation going.
And the one from Friend 2?
I think you can guess what happened.
I didn’t bother responding because I have successfully convinced myself that I am too busy “studying” to respond to Friend 2 and to have a conversation.
But hey, I responded eventually…

Now, I hope you’re nodding your head as you are reading this or thinking of ALL the times that you have done this to someone else.

There are some friends that I will respond to no matter what situation I may be in after opening their message.
Then there are friends that I will just not respond to even though I may be doing nothing at all.
I mean, it’s not that I don’t like Friend 2.
I do, I do like Friend 2 very much and we have fun together.
But, sad to say, Friend 2 isn’t as special as Friend 1 and I will most likely not respond unless the message is super important or I’m super bored and willing to do pretty much anything to keep myself occupied.
Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll ever be too busy for Friend 1.
This is how you know a friend has forever taken a special spot in your life.


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