Bad day or bad mood?

Do bad events lead you to make you grumpy, annoyed, and sometimes sad?
Or, is it your mood that affects how you day unravel?

In any given situation, the way we perceive how we see the world and decide to react to it affects how we feel.
As humans, we have emotions, and it is impossible, or very difficult, to be happy all the time.
Sometime it pisses you off just by the fact that you’re happy.
Why? I don’t know you tell me.
But I’m like that sometimes.
Sometimes I wonder why I’m so happy. What good happened to me to make me so happy? NOTHING.

How you decide to start your morning affects your whole day.

Also, the way you feel leads to a domino effect.
You’re basically asking for bad things to happen to you.
And when someone asked you why you’re not in a good mood, you give them the series of unfortunate events that happened this morning.

(Oh, and they don’t actually care, they’re just being nice. Don’t ruin their mood by telling them your bad story, unless you two are very good friends or have a special relationship)

Let’s put this into perspective.

You wake up one morning 10 minutes late.
If you really think about it 10 minutes isn’t a big deal.
Instead of making coffee in the morning maybe you can just buy one today.
A change as small as that can quickly give you your 10 minutes back, but you don’t really realize this right at the moment, and all you can think of is the fact that you slept in.
Now, you’re in a rush to get everything ready.
You start rummaging through your closet to find something decent to wear, and wonderful, you can’t find anything decent.
At this point, you just settle for anything because that’s how desperate you are.
You rush into the kitchen to make yourself a quick breakfast.
You decide to eat cereal because you don’t want to waste anymore time cooking.
Because your mind is everywhere, and you’re jittery from the morning chaos, you spill milk on the counter, oh greeeaaaaat.
So far that’s two unfortunate led by your terrible mood.
You quickly gobble down the bowl of cereal and run to the bathroom to get ready.
But wait, you forgot to make your pot of coffee.
With your toothbrush still in your mouth you go back into the kitchen to make coffee.
Ugh, great, just, great. The coffee grind spills everything, ugh.
This is already the third unfortunate event of the morning.

This story could go on until the end of the day, but let’s move on.
Let’s see how this whole situation could have been avoided with a little change in perspective.

You wake up ten minutes late.
Don’t panic, you’ve slept in before, no big deal, just get your ass out of bed.
Just throw on whatever you can find and go down to the kitchen for breakfast.
Don’t got time to cook, just settle with cereal.
Coffee? Forget making coffee; just grab something at the coffee store down by the street.

A little change in how you see the situation changes your whole morning.

I know it’s hard to try to find the good in each situation, or even something neutral, that’s okay.
It’s okay to be mad, grumpy, and sad from time to time, but don’t take bad events personally, don’t think that it’s happening to you because the world hates you.
Sometimes bad things happen because you’re waiting for them to happen.

Ever wondered why good things happen when you’re happy? There’s a reason for that.
You pay for all the good things that happen with your smile.

Have perspective and let it be.


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