Do you ever ruin your own story?

It just happened.
The impossible just happened.

Do you ever have those moments where you’re telling someone an epic fail that has just happened to you (which is supposed to be funny), but they’re just looking at you like “da fuq”
And by the time you get to the punch line, they’re still like “da fuq”
And at this point you’re wondering, “WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING”
Then they tell you, “You already told me the punch line in the beginning”

Now you think back to what you said, and it hits you, you did say the punch line, it’s the first thing you said. And now it’s not funny, or have the “da fuq is wrong with you omg” response.
Instead it’s just “da fuq”

I ruined my own story.

This is what happened.
So I was telling a friend about my whole “I forgot the prof said that we can have a cheat sheet” thing.
Me: For my final today, I forgot that the prof told us that we were allowed to bring a one-sided half page cheat sheet.
Guess who forgot
Friend: You just said you forgot
Me: did i
awko taco..

And that’s how the story ended.

This is how it was supposed to go

Me: The prof allowed us to bring a cheat sheet for the finals today
Friend: Omg, so lucky!
Me: But guess who forgot
Friend: … did u forget…
Me: Yeah…
Friend: Omg, da fuq is wrong with you omg

//and both laughs into the conversation.


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