Train of Thoughts

Let’s try something new.
Let’s see how long our attention span, or whatever, is.
This can be a fun exercise for you to do as you take a break from procrastinating studying.

Now, I’m going to tell you to ONLY read the following instructions and no more.
But then again, you can always choose to be a rebel.

Step 1: Read all the steps before starting, lol.
Step 2: Go to click on “Leave a Comment”.
Step 3: I want you to time yourself for a two to three minutes.
Step 4: Within that time frame, you are going to write about either essays, exams, or homework.
Step 5: Now, the purpose is to write EVERYTHING that comes into your mind as you are writing, how relevant or irrelevant something might be.
Step 6: Come back and you can read how my train of thoughts went.

I’m going to choose to write about exams.
Considering the fact that I just had an exam.
Which went horribly bad. Ugh, I can’t believe I didn’t study more.
I can’t believe I talked myself into procrastinating again. And now I’m sleep deprived.
A failing grade and sleep deprived. And kind of hungry too.
Ugh, I should not have eaten that bagel so quickly on such an empty stomach.
I want to take a shit.
But I don’t like taking shits in public, awko taco.
To stay at school and study or go home and take a shit and study?
Hmmm… Ugh, who am I kidding.
I am not going to study at home.
Or maybe I am.
Who knows.
I’m brain dead and hungry and tired and I don’t want to go to class.
Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything.
Ugh, I need to stop swearing.
What was I talking about again.
Exams. Right. They fucking suck.

I assure you I did not plan this out, it just happened.
Actually a lot of my posts aren’t planned out, they just happen.

Anyways, I think this shows that I have an attention span of a goldfish.

I’m going to read through all of the train of thoughts and randomly choose one and post it.


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