Wow, I’m so dumb

Recently I have made an online purchase from American Eagle but I didn’t quite like what I ordered when it came it so I decided to return it.
Knowing me, I have never returned an online shipment before.
So I thought I had to go to the post office and make the return, and I thought, since I had the free return label, I thought it would be free.
When I went to ship it at my nearest post office, they charged me $10.35.
Regardless, I shipped it anyways.
Gosh, how stupid I was.
I am actually so upset at how stupid I am right now.
I can’t even handle myself right now.

Okay, let’s take a step back for a second.
Just a few minutes ago, I decided to place an order from Urban Outfitters.
But before I did, I decided to check their online return policy.
And it said that I just had to place the free return label on the package and drop it in a post box.

Let’s come back now.
This is all I had to do for my American Eagle Outfitters return as well.
I just had to drop it off in the post box, not even go to the post office to manually ship it.
Ugh, I feel like such an idiot right now.
Now, I have just wasted $10.35.
But I guess the only way you really learn is by making mistakes.

Okay, I just went on American Eagle’s website to check their online return policy to see if it says the same thing Urban Outfitter’s say, and it doesn’t.
But I found out that it does not accept C.O.D deliveries?

Gosh, I am so new at this whole returning online orders.
I should never do this again.

I’m so confused. I have returned my shipment through Canada Post Office.
Whenever you ship something, is it automatically a C.O.D delivery?
The more I try to figure this out, the more confused I am and the more jittery I get from the thought of just blowing off $17.35.

(Yes, my order was only $7.00 and the return shipment cost me more)

I’m not really sure what to think right now.

Oh My Gosh, do I still have my receipt from making the shipment.
Oh Gosh. I. Am. Now. Freaking. Out.

Has any of you been through the same thing too?
Leaving a comment about your own experience would be really great.
Let me know that I’m not the only one freaking out about their first online shipment return.
I hope I get my money back though, this is such an epic fail on my life.
This is why I have stayed away from online purchases, until now…

You know what, I should really stop freaking out about this, but I can’t.
With $17.35 I can buy food for myself for three days.

$17.35 is a lot when you are a broke university student who is always hungry.
Anyways, I have already emailed American Eagle prior to this so we’ll see what their response is.
I hope to hear good news.

Damn, I should really find that receipt.


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