Internalizing, talk about it

There’s a big meeting, exam, party, or some sort of BIG nerve wrecking event coming up but somehow you seem relaxed, maybe too relaxed.
Now you’re worried because you’re not stressed out or panicking when you should be.
Why is this?

I would like to call this internalized stress and panic.
You know, like internalized oppression, but with stress and panic.

You don’t really realize that you are stressed or panicking.
Either that, or you are at a place where you begin to accept this stress and panic as being natural state.

NO, I know I shouldn’t be comparing this to oppression because that is on a totally different level of social issues.
But it’s the best one I can think of, so forgive me.

Just when people begin to think that oppressed is a part of who they are, but it’s not.
It’s due to the social circumstances they are placed under.

Stress and panic is similar.
Under certain social circumstances, it is easier to accept the fact that being stressed and panicking is who you are and fighting against it doesn’t seem to help.

But just like oppression, when people don’t deal with it, it gets worse.
Oppression is something people should deal with, they shouldn’t have to live with it.
Also, internalized oppression can lead to other psychological disorders.
These psychological disorders include depression, insomnia, which can lead to other various health issues.

If you think about it, stress and panic is like that too.
Internalized stress and panic can cause you to lose sleep without even knowing why.
It can cause you fall into depression.
From depression, you may have a change in eating habits, heck, you can even stop eating at some point.
This leads to malnutrition.
YOu get the point.

Never accept stress and panic as being a normal state of a person.
If you have a big event coming up, express how you feel.
The worst possible thing you can feel for other people and yourself is pity.
Pity doesn’t get you anywhere, it just shows that fact that you accept it and that you are not willing to do anything about it.

So take control, don’t take pity on yourself for having so much to do, for being under so much stress.
It’s not just you who goes through it, everyone does.


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