Is judging really that bad?

I mean, think about it.
Did you think about it yet?

Now, I would like to know who goes a day WITHOUT judging anyone or anything.

We’re only humans.
Judging is a part of who we are.

Yes, judging people can sometimes reach an extreme where it begins to affect people negatively.
It can also cause bias, and many other social discriminations such as racism, sexist, ageism, and so forth.
But that’s in extreme cases.
I’m talking about just everyday judging.
People always make it sound so bad, but is it really?

What does it mean to judge?
Well, I think it’s just an opinion.
So by telling someone not to judge, or try not to judge is basically like telling them to stop having an opinion.
Isn’t that true?
If none of us had ANY opinion, then no one would be judging.
Robots don’t judge.

Judging is so frowned upon my everyone.
You probably judge other people AND still tell other people not to judge.

I think it’s just the person’s own perspective.
As corny as it may sound, we are ALL different and unique.

If I were to say, “Oh, I don’t like the colour of her hair.”
People would turn to me and say, “Quit judging.”
But I’m not really judging her, I’m having an opinion, is it really that bad.
And most of the time our “judgements” don’t even affect other people.
Yes, in some cases it might influence someone else’s view on something, but in that case it would no longer be judging, but just an act of persuasion.

Having opinions is what make humans unique from other organisms.

(I bet some of you read that as orgasm, don’t lie)

And if someone tells you to stop judging, aren’t they judging you from the fact that you “judge” other people.

Maybe this is why people try to fit in, and to be so different from who they are because somehow we can’t accept the fact that we have different opinions.
Here come’s another corny line, but you can’t please everyone.

We live our lives so scared of what others might say about us that we forget to express ourselves.
I don’t think it should be about trying NOT to judge other people, this may sound crazy, but trying to ACCEPT other people’s judgements and not give two shit about it.
To stop being so scared of everything.
So who cares if someone judges you, you probably judge other people too.
So why is it that we can judge other people, but we can’t stand the thought that someone might be judging us.

Just let it be, and be yourself.
If trying to please other people if who you are, then continue living your life trying to please other people.
You’re wasting your own precious time, not theirs.


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