Two Thing I’ve Learned

From being sad.
We are only human, and sadly, we crave attention.
We deny the fact the we want attention, but by saying that, a little part of us want attention by saying that.
Sometimes, when we lack the attention from other people, we often result to being sad in hopes of getting noticed.
Even when it’s not from lack of attention, when something bad happens to us, we get sad, and we hope that someone will notice.
But that’s never the case.

Here are the two things I’ve learned.

Being sad is one of the useless emotions EVER.
What good does being sad bring you.
I mean yes, sometimes you just need to cry it out, but being sad over an extended period of time is utterly useless and people eventually get tired of seeing you sad or of you constantly bringing them down.
Being sad restricts you from doing the things you normally love because you’re “supposed to be sad” and engaging in certain activities don’t fit the category of being “sad”.
For example: eating.
When people are sad, they stop eating. They lose their appetite.
But it’s not really the body telling you that it’s not hungry, it’s psychological.
You are tricking your body into thinking that it’s not hungry.
And when you don’t eat, your body gets more tired, causing you to be more sad.
Being sad is like the blackhole that drains all your energy, and until you drag yourself up, no one can help you.
You need to make the first step.

No one actually really cares or notices.
Unless something bad happened that everyone knows about, they just assume that you’re just feeling under the weather or just temporarily sad. That you’ll be better in a couple hour.
If there was to be a death, everyone expects you to be sad, and they are there for you.
But eventually, they get tired of looking at your sad ass.
But let’s say, you had a really bad exam and you deal with it by being extremely sad for a couple days, no one will really know that you are sad unless you tell them, “I’M SAD”
But that just sounds a bit too attention-crazy so you don’t.
And even when you stop responding, people assume that you’re just busy.
So, you’re sad and no one really knows.

I have no idea where I was going with the second point, or if it even made sense.
But I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that there are so many other emotions other than being sad.
Being sad is necessary sometimes, but it doesn’t really help in minor situations.
Nothing is ever the end of the world.
If end of the world were to approach, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be sad, sulking in bed.


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