Learning to Love

As humans, we love to love.
But I think we’re doing it wrong.

Now, some of you may think otherwise, but this is my opinion of the society we live in today.

We are told not to love ourselves but that we should love and accept others just the way they are.
But then society also tells us to love ourselves and tells us all the bad things about people.
I mean, what’s that all about?

Society shapes how we think.
Society tells us to change.
Society tells us that we are not good enough and that we never will be.

Since we love to love, and love the idea of being love, we love other people.
But they don’t last long.
We love to love, but we’re also VERY scared people.
We love to love but we’re also scared to love because it makes us fragile.

We want to continue to loving, but don’t want to risk being heartbroken, we learn to love things.
We love objects.
We love clothes, electronics, food, and other substances.
We learn to be content with loving things.
We begin to love things even more, and use people to get the things we want when in fact we should be loving people and using things.

We also have a problem to loving ourselves because society tells us that we’re not worth being loved.
We will never be perfect, and we should strive to be perfect if we want to come remotely close to being loved.

I believe the key to loving others is to love yourself.
How will you ever accept other people and their flaws if you can’t even accept your own?
How do you expect to be loved and to be accepted if you can’t even do that for yourself?
What makes you think that you can open up to other people about your flaws if you’re constantly scared of other people not accepting them?

The only way not to be scared of our flaws is to accept it and hope that others will accept it too.
Once you learn to accept who you are, you become inferior to what the society has to say.
You are in charge of your own life, and you can spend it listen to the society and continuing to change yourself to make yourself even more miserable, or to accept it.
I am in no way saying that change is bad, but not all changes are good.
Changes are good when they are made for yourself and not for other people.
Love is to accept, not to expect change or to fit the mould.

Even I don’t love myself, and as a result I have a huge wall up.
A guard that I am forever scared to let down, to let myself love or to be loved.
In order to love others, you need to trust them. But how can you trust when you can’t even trust yourself?
I have pushed away endless number of people from my life and I am very thankful for the ones who has never given up on me, I’m truly lucky for those people.
My guard comes down whenever I’m with them, and for a split second I believe that I can genuinely love myself.

Accept your flaws and make changes for yourself.
Once you let yourself love and accept yourself, your wall will slowly come down.
It’s a gradual process, it doesn’t just happen over night.
I am still on my journey to discover myself and to love myself everyday.
It is a struggle.
It is much easier to keep my guard up and to pretend that I accept myself just the way I am.Here’s a challenge.
Everyday, write something that you love about yourself, something you discovered about yourself, something new you tried new today, little accomplishments, or something you have learned to accept about yourself.
At the end of the year, read them, and you’ll see what a long journey you have come and how much happier you are.
We strive to be accepted my other people, when really, we should be striving to be accepted by ourselves.


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