This is how we live in harmony

Whenever my brother comes home for break from university, things around the house changes a little.
This time especially because my room happens to be the only room that seems to have a desk – the one in my mom’s room doesn’t count because it’s occupied with a desktop with no extra space.
But literally, the only room, the only SPACE with a desk, unless you count the kitchen/dining table.
And my brother claims that he needs a desk to play League of Legends (LoL).
Guess where he has been ever since he got home.
Yup, that’s right. My room.
Thank goodness I sleep like a bear, he was probably up till like 3 AM playing LoL.
And he woke up this morning and started playing again.
And strangely, he hasn’t farted all that much, I’m surprised. Let’s hope that I didn’t jinx it.

So he woke up complaining he was hungry and demanded that I make him food.
Me, being a normal sister, stood my ground as I continued to watch my shows.
And then not being such a normal sister, I gave in and made him food. Because he wouldn’t leave me alone until I did.
I made him dumplings and brought it up for him, oh how nice I am.
And the dirty dishes has remained in my room.

Then later mom came home with McDonalds for brother and I.
As usual he took his upstairs and I ate mine in the kitchen, WHERE FOOD SHOULD BE EATEN.
I then return to my room only to find the dirty dishes, oh how much it bothers me to see dirty dishes in my room THAT AREN’T EVEN MINE.

So this is how we keep harmony as we share my room, MY ROOM.

I threaten to touch his laptop screen, which is a touchscreen, with my greasy french fry fingers if he doesn’t bring down the dirty dishes, and it worked like a charm.
He bothers me every two minutes while I try to watch my shows/movies or read if I don’t make him food.
I promise to make him food if he no longer bothers me.
I make him get me water every time he goes downstairs as a price for making him food.
He uses my desk and room without me bother him.

Well, I guess the best way to live in harmony is do something for the other person first.
No one ever wins in waiting for the other person to make the first move.
You make the first move and have the upper-hand.

Hmm, I guess I learned something new from writing this post.
I thought to live in harmony to have something against the other person, but that’s not really true.
To live in harmony who you can barely stand is to make the first move and to be nice, really.
To respect the other if you wish to be expected.
You can’t always expect the other person to make the first “nice” move, sometimes you have to do it.
The first move isn’t always a sign of weak and giving into the demands of the other person, it’s a sign of being the bigger person and having victory.
Just like in any game, having the first move always puts you at an advantage.
You don’t see anyone wanting to go last in the game of Monopoly.


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