The Wonders of Cafés

I personally love cafés
One, because I am a HUGE coffee fan.
Two, each café tells a different story.
And three, the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming.

I have been living in the small world of “Starbucks has the best coffee and possibly the only decent coffee place ever”.
This was obviously before I have the discovered the world of cafés.
I cannot believe I remained oblivious to this, oblivious to the world of cafés.

And tomorrow I start my journey to finding my perfect café.
This is perfect for me because I go to school downtown and what better place to go café jumping than downtown?

I have made a list of cafés that I soon will visit and hopefully I can go through my entire list.

This also means that I really need to get a job now since lattes tend to be $5 on average, and a broke university student living off of loans cannot afford it.
Sad but true.

If you haven’t explored the world of cafés outside of Starbucks, Second Cup, Timothy’s, and etc I suggest you do so.
It is money consuming, but if you’re a tea/coffee fan, I promise you won’t regret it.


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