How to NOT make a pizza

Today, my friend and I attempted to make pizza.

And we coincidentally forget to use a pin roller.

Do not use a pin roller and end up making a leaning tower of Pizza (yes, I know that is the incorrect to spell it).
Do not use a pin roller and end up making pizza that is 3-inch THICK.

It was such a disaster, but a fun disaster as my friends and I have attempted to make pizza WITHOUT a pin roller.
At the time we didn’t think that it was all THAT important and believe that our amateur skill was enough to thin out the crust.

Boy, we were SO wrong.
My friend’s pizza wasn’t even fully baked, NOT FULLY BAKED.
The bottom of my crush? HARD AS A FUCKING CRACKER.
My other friend gave up and ended up making a rectangle and used the tomato sauce and cheese to just fold the rectangle on top of each other.
You probably don’t know what I mean.
If you do, you have been here or you have amazing imagination.

Oh, and I should also mention that as we were waiting for the pizzas to be baked, I finished two cans of pineapples, they were absolutely fucking delicious, thanks for asking.

My friend with the leaning tower of pizza forcefully finished hers.
A standing fucking ovation for her. Really.

Me? Well, I ate about 1/3 of it before I started picking off the ham and pineapples off the pizza.
And then gave up.
And ended up in the trash.
I’m sorry, don’t judge me. It was pure torture to finish it.

My other friend with crush even THICKER than mine?
Well, she ate two very small slices and gave up.
I’m not sure if it made its way to the garbage yet, but she left it on the counter for her family to “enjoy”.
Yeah, it’ll probably end up in the trash.


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