The Story about Birds

If you were expecting some nice fucking story about how birds and wonderful and all that shit then bye.
This is the story about how hateful birds are.
And if you happen to like birds, your opinions are irrelevant.

Birds are fucking stupid.
I don’t care what scientific evidence there may be to support that they are in fact not stupid.
They are fucking stupid and that’s the end of it.
Why do you thick being called a “bird brain” is an insult?
Yeah, beat that.

They also shit everywhere like they fucking run the world.
Last time I checked girls run the world. Well, at least according to BeyoncĂ©, and she’s like a fucking Goddess.
Like have some fucking manners and don’t fucking shit everywhere.
How rude.
So inconsiderate of other people.
They shit on cars, roads, on humans, and probably other animals too.
Like, t least have the courtesy to fucking land and take a shit so it doesn’t splatter everywhere.

Also, who the fuck said you can attack me for my food?
Go buy your own fucking food.
You don’t see me attacking you to steal your fucking crumbs.
Do you see me stealing the worms you dug up? NO

Oh, and could you not FUCKING BLOCK THE ROAD?
Like, I’m trying to walk by.
I get it that you are excited to have found food, but at least huddle on one side not fucking on the middle of the road.

Not to mention that they’re fucking evil.
They can kill you, I swear.
They’re all “let’s go hunt for our next victim”
Their beaks are fucking sharp and can slice through your flesh.
I have nightmares about this.
Just imagine how painful that death would be.
Eaten alive my birds

Should I continue?

Their fucking claws.
I swear their claws can kill you too.
Everything about them can kill you.
You can even pet one and die from some kind of bird rabies.

I don’t think I should continue.
This is too much hate in one post than I have originally planned.


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