New Year’s Resolutions

Just to clarify it is spelt “New Year’s ________” not “New Years ________”
So don’t start raging at me for spelling it wrong, I did my research perhaps you should too.

New Year is one of those excuses people use to “change”.
Lol, but let’s face it, that ain’t happening.
If the change was going to happen, it would have happened already.
Also, let’s face another fact, these resolutions don’t make it past the first month.
But whatever, we believe that New Year holds a special that allow us to follow through with these changes.
We are so determined but our laziness empowers.
After all, we’re only human.

First, let me lay out some tips on making successful and rational resolutions:
1. Don’t make gazillion resolutions and expect yourself to follow them ALL.
You won’t trust me. And don’t expect them to be easy either.

2. Don’t make resolutions that requires you to be superhuman.
Yeah, I know what all y’all are going to write. Something related to dieting, chaining lifestyle, or something along that line.
These don’t just change over night.
You can’t just write: Stop eating junk food and eat ore vegetables.
Yeah, that might work for a day or two but after that it’ll just go downhill.
You’ll crave it even more and after the day or two, you’ll binge. Been there done that.
And don’t lie, you’ve tried it every other year too, yet somehow you’re convinced that this year will be different and that SOMEHOW you are more determined, yeah, ok bye.
And once you have that day of bingeing you will never go back to your resolution.
You’ll simply tell yourself, “Ahh, what the fuck, I already messed it up, no point in starting over now.”
And there goes your resolution.

3. Don’t think that writing it down makes it official.
This doesn’t really have much to do with making good resolutions, well, maybe it does, you can be the judge of that.
Just because you wrote it down doesn’t mean it’s magically now engraved in your life and that it is now a part of you. No, don’t be stupid.
Writing it down doesn’t do shit. It’s the same as not writing it down.
Yeah, maybe it can serve as a reminder but it doesn’t really.
And what happens when you lose your paper?
“Oh, maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t continue my resolutions.”
If you really mean it, you wouldn’t need to write it down.
You’ll have it in your mind, constantly reminding yourself. You don’t need a stupid piece of paper to do it for you.
What do you remember better? Birthday written down in your calendar or birthday that you remember by memory? And which mean more to you? Most likely the birthday you can remember by memory, resolutions are the same too.

Regardless, here are some of my New Year’s Resolutions and hope these can inspire you.
1. Spend at least 2hrs at the library everyday
Notice how it doesn’t require me to study?
This will allow me to get used to being in the library so often and eventually lead me to studying and/or working on something school related.
2. Stop excessive swearing
This doesn’t require me to completely stop swearing, but to reduce it.
This also reduces the risk of me punishing myself for one swear word and eventually giving up.
3. To read a book every month
This may seem difficult but it really isn’t. It’s all about taking time for one self.
I am able to do this because I enjoy reading and see it as an escape from reality and something that I don’t get to do often because I am too caught up with the fast-moving world to take care of myself.
Have self-care.
4. Meet someone new every two weeks
This may be the most difficult one out of the rest.
I happen to have a wall built around me and try to avoid awkward situations or situations that involve people in general.
But I am trying to step out of my comfort zone, which I hope will eventually help me be more comfortable with people and to try new things.Well, that is all that is on my list.
You may not even have four on your list, you may only have one, but that is enough.
You don’t need to list all your resolutions and have them set for the New Year, you can always add new resolutions as the year goes by and see how much you have accomplished in the year of 2014.


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