Wash me away

I had my 8AM exam yesterday which is as horrible as it sounds.
I also had planned to meet up with other people to study together.
I would say that it went surprisingly well, as always.
It surprises me how people have the ability to make me forget.
They make me forget about all the bad things that cloud my life.
All the things I have went through and all the things that I will go through.
They make me feel like I’m okay, that things will be okay.
Even though we don’t know the future, that it will be okay.

For so long, I have been telling myself that people are dumb and useless.
I have underestimate their powers and effects.
They make me want to open up.
They make me want to be a better person.
I want them to know who I am and still tell me that it’s okay.
And they do.
It feels good to open up about the way I feel about the past, it’s really helping me let things go and make room for more, new, feelings.

I used to think feelings were dumb and useless.
But they’re not.
They’re what makes me unique and helps me connect with other people.
Feelings help build trust with other people.
I used to think that feelings were just there, and they didn’t have a purpose.
But they do, the greatest purpose of life.
Even through the feelings of sadness, there is happiness.
When you feel sad, you are letting everything go. It also helps you see and know that there are people for you, even when you ugly cry.

All the things I thought were dumb and useless are proven to be the greatest things I will have in my life.


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