Mini rage: criticizing comments

I sometimes feel like people forget that we live in a subjective world.
Everything we say, do, and feel is subjective to ourselves.
With this being said, people take things way too critically.
I read other blogs and whatnots, and I often see comments saying “oh, don’t tell us what to do”, “you’re wrong”, “this does not apply”, “why would you think that”, “this is stupid” and many other comments along those lines.
When I read those comments it gets be frustrated because it’s simply one’s opinion and how they see the world fit, and they have decided to share that with other people, and here you are, criticizing the lens they view their world and life. It’s not easy to share one’s perspective.
Some of the things people say or write will not apply to you, but that does make it ‘wrong’. What is right to them doesn’t have to be right to you, and what’s right to you may not be right for them. We need to remember that everyone is different and not everyone’s way of life will be perfectly aligned with someone else’s. We are so afraid of being criticized, yet we constantly do it to other people. If you have nothing better to say, then don’t say anything. I would like to see you write about your perspectives on the world and life and see how much more “right” your way of thinking is.
It’s easy to disagree, but we should try to see things from other people’s perspective as well. We are not robots who don’t feel or empathize, we are humans. We have feelings, everyone has feelings, and we need to be considerate of them. We are easy to break and hard to fix.
I am not saying that you should agree with what everyone has to say, or everyone’s perspective because we all have different values and beliefs. I’m just saying that we don’t need to bash other people’s beliefs and values. When someone shares their opinions it doesn’t mean you have to follow it, their just recommendations that are made from their perspective and you can choose to take their opinions into consideration or completely ignore it. No one is forcing you.
So next time you feel like commenting something negative to tell the author that they are stupid and wrong, please give it a second though. Maybe instead of commenting “you’re wrong and this doesn’t apply, it’s stupid” you can rephrase yourself and say “maybe you should elaborate more on where you’re coming from” or not comment at all. You don’t have to comment, no one is telling you to. But if you are going to, make your comment constructive so you don’t look like a jackass to other people and can actually help the author improve their writing.


4 thoughts on “Mini rage: criticizing comments

  1. I guess this depends a lot on the text type but I find all critique, positive and negative, essential. Of course one should always be considerate and try not to belittle the arguments of the other but if no opposing arguments or opinions are expressed, only one side of a story gets discovered and the ideas cease to develop. Remembering the case of Anita Sarkeesian from last year and her expensive Youtube series including videos which she claimed to be “conversations with pop culture”, although she didn’t allow any comments on any of the videos. Thus conversations turned to monologues that got, despite her efforts, a negative (and not completely anti-feminist) response which probably made her topic look even more incredible than it really was. What I’m saying here is that we should maybe begin to embrace critique more and sometimes even encourage it. Otherwise the world might as well have remained flat.

    1. That’s a good point, people should learn to embrace criticisms, and it is important for each person to voice their own opinions. I guess I’m just trying to say that people should make critical criticisms instead of just saying “you suck”.

      1. Haha, then you should really just challenge them to argue their point. Trolls especially just try to provoke and they begin to malfunction once you take them seriously. With a bit of tactic you can only win in the situation.

      2. Haha, you’re bringing up good points on embracing and dealing with criticisms. I agree, more people are taking trolls seriously instead of challenging them or just ignoring them and giving attention to other comments that actually argue their points.

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