How do you make time for everything?
How can you do everything without being overwhelmed?
How do you take control of your life instead of it taking control of you?

There are so many thing I want to do with my life. So many things I want to do before the day is done, but I end up getting nothing done. The thought of everything is so overwhelming that I don’t know how to handle it all. When I think about everything, I don’t feel in control of myself. I feel like a Sims character that is constantly tired. Too much to do, yet so little time and energy. The controller of my character has a listen of activities on queue for me to do, yet I automatically cancel it because I am too tired and spend the majority of the day gloomy in bed.

I just want to do everything. But when I can’t, I have a little cloud of sadness coming over me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and I love my life. I have wonderful people in my life who are there for me and I can count on, but sometimes–I don’t know.

Here are the list of activities I wish to fulfill in a day:
– Bake cupcakes, cookies, cakes, muffins, ANYTHING
– Start and finish a new book
– Catch up on all my shows
– Watch a movie
– Interact with people
– Exercise


At most, I can accomplish two of the from the list above.
Am I striving for too much?

Somedays I have ambition like no other, other days I just want to stay in bed and disappear into the crinkles of my blanket.

I’ve been sighing a lot lately.
It’s like letting all my energy escape me

Honestly, I don’t even know anymore.

I miss baking.
I miss being about the people I love, being around people with energy.
I miss being one with my book.
I miss creating art.
I miss playing my flute.
I miss the energy I don’t have and I really should stop sighing because it’s not helping me.


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