Empty words

I seem to say things a lot without following through sometimes. They’re nothing major, but I still can’t help but think how much of a habit this has become. I say I’m going to stay committed to something, but after a while, I stop. I don’t mean to do this and I don’t know why I do this.
I said that I would write a blog about something everyday and that lasted for a week and then I kind of just, stopped. I also said I would change my sleeping patterns when my grandparents came, but that, so far, hasn’t happened. Sometimes I promise people things and they don’t happen, I feel really bad about it but I don’t do anything to fix it. Lastly, I always say that I’m going to make a YouTube channel and make videos every once or twice every week, but after one or two videos, I stop because I lose hope. I think I partially don’t know how to stick with things because I see YouTube and Blogs as things where you are supposed to have a large sum of audience but that takes time.
I should stop thinking like that. I should just do things for the sake of doing it, because I like it and I want to. Those are the only reasons I should do something. Yeah, having a large audience would be really great, but if not, who cares. I shouldn’t be doing things for other people, but do things for myself. I should live for myself and seek for my own approval instead of other people’s. Life is heck of a lot of easier if you care less about what other people thought. Being aware and caring about other people’s opinions are only natural and it’s not something we should ignore. We are social animals and if we absolutely disregard other people’s opinion, we won’t survive. We crave for approval, attention, and companionship.
As long as we don’t become victims of society, we can use the society’s perspective for our advantages. I didn’t think it was true for everything, but everything in moderation is good for you, even the bad.


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