Change with the world

Recently I moved. I have lived in my previous house for about 8-9 years, and prior to the recent move, I have only moved three times, but I don’t really count those as me being a part of the move. The first I moved was when I was still an infant, which I don’t even remember, the second was pretty big too, I moved from South Korea to Canada. When we first came to Canada we were on rent because my parents wanted more time to look for a house. But I wasn’t old enough to have much sense of belonging.

Through my 9 years at my old house, I grew really close to some people. I belonged somewhere and I knew where I stood. I knew the people and the neighbourhood. Even though I have done things that I regret and things I take pride in, it was a part of who I was, my character, and what people have used to base their judgement(s) of me. But now I am a clean slate. No one here knows me, or my existence. This has both its perks and negatives:

Perks: I get a new chance to start over, to leave behind who I was and to be a new person, which not everyone gets a chance to do.
Negatives: I have to start over, it is not a choice. I can’t carry on the person I was because no one is ever the same person they were, even 5 minutes ago.

Anyways, moving is no joke. Also, I feel like I’m at a strange place, and there are people in the place I called home. The thought of unknown people living in my house is unsettling. How will they be taking care of the house? How well would they tend the lawn? How will they decorate the house? So many questions to which I will never have the answers for. I can only hope that they create good memories and live a happy life. For it to become a safe place as it was for me.

This new house? I guess I can see myself living here. The room, heck the entire house, is half the size of what it used to be, but it’ll suffice. It has a different feel to it. In my old house it had a more open feel, airy and quiet, the new house has a closed feel, cozy and full. I guess it could be a nice change, but I can’t say that I didn’t like the quiet and the emptiness of my old house.

The move was hectic, both packing and unpacking. The unpacking part is an ongoing process, but I would like to say that it’s moving along nicely. This is definitely a big change. Along with the change, I also need to change. Not only in accordance to a change of houses, but in general as well. The world is constantly changing but as humans we like stability. I believe that stability is good, but change is better. To change with the world is to be on the top of you A-game. Some may disagree, but that’s okay, we all have our own opinions. As the world changes, our views need to change with it. Because we refuse to change, we have conflicting views with people from different generations.

We should learn to be accepting of the changes that we encounter instead of insisting to stay the same. Changes all happen for a reason. As cliche as it may be, everything happens for a reason. We may not see the reason now, or maybe even 5 years from now, but there will be a reason for it. Life is too short to spend it living it in the same way. Explore, change, be reckless, but not too reckless, and don’t think too much about everything.


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