Internet obsessed, really?

I have recently moved, which means that I would be off of internet for at least a couple days. For me, this couple days turned into a week, and a half. During the first couple days, I was utterly bored with nothing to do. So many things happened with my grandparents being here and all that I wanted to blog about, but I couldn’t. Of course I had people to tell all these events to, but it’s not quite the same as writing about it. I feel like I have a certain way with words. When words are written, they seem like it is something out of a fairy tale, something surreal. Any who, my urge to write was real. I thought about making notes about it and writing about it later on, but I feel that if you write about it later, the feelings you have towards the event disappears and you write with false feelings.
However, other than my need to blog, I didn’t really crave internet, oh and to watch my shows of course. I didn’t crave social networks. We live in a generation of internet and social networks. I believe that one reason we are so internet absorbed is because our need to be social. This may be obvious to some people, I’m sorry if I’m being a Captain Obvious. Internet is our most instant source to be social. We are social creatures and we crave other human interactions. Our advanced technology allow us better connection to the people we wish to interact with. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s rapidly changing our way of life. Suddenly, we make no effort to see people. We, more and more, seek instant gratification, because technology is able to provide that for us. We slowly become technology obsessed to give ourselves the instant gratification that we desire. But that’s not the way to live. While technology is great, I believe that we have crossed over the line of being humans with technology to humans in a world of technology. While technology makes our lives simpler, it also complicates it with miscommunication. People don’t make the effort to actually be with the person. They forget how to interact with people face to face. We crave human interaction, yet we don’t do it because it takes time and effort when we can just do it instantly. Technology has brought people closer from all around the world, yet it is pushing people farther away.
This is something we should all think about. I am not the one to tell people how they should live but it is something worth putting a thought into and how it has changed our lives for the better and for the worse. I’m not implying that we should drop technology and go back to a time where technology wasn’t widely used, but to find a middle ground. To be human and give ourselves the human interaction that we deserve. To not be consumed by technology, for technology to need us and not the other way around.


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