I think I fell

This is bad but I think I have. This is not going to end well for both him and I. I’ve fallen and I do not want to get back up. I stay down as I slowly begin to surrender and allow him to be a part of my life. I normally do not like to surrender without a fight but it’s different this time. I don’t easily let people be a part of my life but I have made an exception. I’m still not good at expressing my affection towards you, so here I am writing, writing about you. Maybe one day I will let you read it. But not today.
I love how you have let me in, how you tell me stories. You show me more affection than I believe to deserve. You take me for who I am and I learn to be more accepting of myself through your eyes. You make me happy and I hope I do the same. Being affectionate makes me nervous and vulnerable, which I am not used to nor was it ever a trait considered good as I was growing up. But you make it easier for me to be vulnerable.
I’m just going to end it by saying that I like being in your presence because while the mentions of the little details may be sweet, I want to let you know by little feelings and actions without me needing to spell it out.


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