Stability, constant, & definitely

In life we seek for stability. We search for something definite. But are we in fact looking for something that is attainable or just a figment of our desperation? Are we certain we can reach a point of stability? Can we ever be certain about anything? Even in the world of science, everything is constantly changing. There are changes occurring within us every nanosecond of our lives. Even when we believe our body is to be at rest and lowest point of activity, our brain is most active, our cells are renewed. Actually, when we sleep, we go through the most changes at a cellular level. During the day we live in a world with constant change, nothing stays the same. But why do we crave for something that could not be any more different than from who we are and what we need?
We aim to achieve stability through our daily routines and having the same favourites. Having a routine gives us a piece of mind, but why do we seek for something that does not want to be found. We want stability and constants in our life, yet we crave evolution and the next best thing in technology, making the world move at a faster pace than ever before. When we go for job interviews, we claim that we adjust well to change and able to work at a fast pace. Adjusting to change is something we all can do, and humans aim to have a stabile lifestyle. Why don’t we just say that we are stable people, able to be a rock in a fast stream? Why isn’t stability something desirable when claimed? What is so good about being definite?
I would much rather live in a world of unknown. People hope that the next day is similar to their present day, but I would like for tomorrow to be different. To hold something I have yet to know, yet to discover. Keep my head in the clouds and forever fly high and never be grounded.
I like to believe that we weren’t meant for stability. If we were, we wouldn’t be a ambitious specie. We strive to achieve and advance which we cannot have with in harmony with constant. Drop the safety wheels and be free, free from stability that grounds you. Do something different today.


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