A New Challenge

My friend recently introduced me to a new app remembering my love for books. It’s call Wattpad. I’m not sure if it’s a popular app and I’ve been missing out, or it’s a new app. More likely chance of it being the former since there are thousands of stories already written by so many authors.
Ever since I was a child, I have thought about writing my own book but my plots never seemed interesting or original. But if you don’t start somewhere you will never start. Something is better than nothing. Creativity develops and grows, just like everything else in life. It isn’t something you have or don’t have. Yes, there may be a gene that helps you have that extra splash of creativity, but if you don’t nurture it, it won’t be able to grow, even with potential.
I think I am ready for this. This just may the extra “umph” that I need in my life. To help my creativity gears turning. To become a better story telling. To better my writing. To expand my vocabulary. I may not be good, my first story may be shitty but that won’t stop me now. I’ve got my mindset on it now. I believe I have the potential to grow, everyone has the potential to grow, it’s just the difference of believing it and taking a step towards it.
I may discover parts of me that I may never discover if I don’t do this. I’m taking a plunge into the pool of criticisms, but that may be exactly what I need. I am scared because of I don’t know what to expect. But I know that I am ready to express myself to share my dreams, stories, thoughts, and ideas. Not all my ideas are going to be original but hopefully it will come with time.
I have a good feeling about this, I just hope that I don’t give up.


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