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One more day

A note to self when stressing out about midterms and assignments.

Since I can no longer study and need a break, I’m going to express myself.

I forgot my laptop and journal at home, and for a second I felt a little desperate, thinking that I have no source of emotional outlet. But then I remembered my phone. Thank goodness for smart phones.

Two midterms tomorrow and a long way to go. I’m running out of time and I need a break. I don’t have enough time to spare for a nap, but I can release some of my exhaustion through writing.
I tell myself, one more day Carol, one more day. One more day and you can sleep. One more day and it’ll be all worth it. One more day…

I feel the power that it has. One more day and everything can change. It reminds me that everything is temporary. That everything disappears and becomes meaningless. All you have is your memories, the feeling that you felt during the moment. When you look back it is what you remember.

Today I tell myself:
One more day and you can sleep
One more day and you can treat yourself to delicious food
One more day and you can have a shopping spree
One more day and you will be able to push your limit
One more day and you will thank yourself
One more day and you won’t regret it

Just hang in there
Nothing ever lasts and if you think it does, you are wrong
Fight yourself and go farther because you have it in you
It’s just difficult because you have never been here before, but you are now and you’ve come too far to give up.

You will make it through



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