Keep your head held high

How can I walk these roads proud
How can I laugh while I worry
How do I keep my head held up high when there are so many things I’m not proud to be

I am privileged but it’s not enough. There’s a monster inside of me and it wants it all. I don’t appreciate the privileges I have, I abuse it. I buy into consumerism when it don’t mean a thing. When there are people starving, I’m starving for more privileges. I could be helping others but instead I feed my addiction.

What happened to the simpler time? When all I wanted was to be outside and play in the sun. When I longed for simple things and found joy in simple things.

I walk the streets of downtown and I see homeless people. And I can’t help but compare. How a series of unfortunate events have led them here and I feel bad for them thinking about my life. But I can’t even look at them because I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed because I can’t believe the person I have become.

I sound like a bratty child, but I take this to better myself as a person and work harder towards the goals I set


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