One post per day

It has been almost an hour since I have been sitting in the library and there has been no progress.
I have now lost all motivation and the willingness to get work done.
I have so much to do, yet so little to do.
I have so much time, yet not enough.
My life at the moment is very contradictory.
I feel hungry but I am not. Maybe I’m just bored.
The only thing that seems to be consistent in my life is my caffeine intake.

My head hurts today and I had some Advil, what else is new.

So I see this #photooftheday and people vlogging everyday for a year, and I thought, why not blog everyday for a year.
This will give me the time to truly take time and think about my life.
Reflect on my emotions, actions, memories, wants, needs, and everything else.
Throughout the year I will get to see how my writing style changes and how the content of my posts change.

Well, that is all.
I should get on the studying train that everyone else is on in this dreary, sad library.

P.S. I challenge everyone else to do so


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