2/365: Rant + Description

Yay, Halloween.
(Please note the sarcasm)

I have scrapped together some clothes and decided to be Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burger.

I love Halloween, and I’m still a child at heart, but lately, the spirit is gone. More girls sexualize themselves and their outfit. Less people enjoy Halloween for what it is, and instead it has become just another reason for people to party. A reason for girls to sexualize themselves. I didn’t think much of it before, but being in the program I am, it’s very devaluing. No wonder men think it’s okay to sexualize women. If you don’t want others to do it, don’t do it to yourself. Halloween isn’t an excuse.

Halloween has lost its meaning.

Even trick-or-treating isn’t the same anymore. People start earlier and end earlier. Older people are stared at for trick-or-treating. I went trick-or-treating two years ago around 9PM after work and the streets were empty. I remember when I was a child people were trick or treating until 1AM.

I guess that was my mini rant about Halloween.

Any who, I slept in today and it felt great. But not so great when I had to leave, walk to the mall, and pick up last minute costume necessities. Also, it was raining and cold, might I add. I don’t do rainy cold weathers. But I hurried back home as soon as my mission was complete. I got home and got through one course lecture, and ate then got dressed and left.

Wow, I just realized how boring that paragraph was and had to stop writing.


My friend insisted that people were getting Chipotle for $3 and that we should, too. I ended up needing to pay 10.10 because of her hastiness. I cried a little inside.

I got to spend my night with my boyfriend and it was great and fun. We ate Nandos and watched a movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2. But sadly I had to leave for home half way through. Regardless, it felt really good to spend some time with him at last.

When I got home I went through my other course lectures. Seems like there is never enough time to get everything done.

This blog seems very haste with no feeling and reflection. Only a description of my day.


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