9/365: Damn it

I swear I have a draft post for 8/365 but I got side-tracked and did not get around to it.
Then there’s yesterday.
But I’m willing to forgive myself for yesterday because I worked from 10:10AM to 6:30PM and by then I was dead tired and haven’t eaten anything. So I ate and crawled into bed and it took me a good 3 hours to get out and get work done, and by then it was already past 10 and I have given up on most things. I made myself coffee and got distracted by the wonderful things of the net. And finally got around to my work around 11:30PM.
So there is my excuse. I know it’s an excuse but let’s call it something else.
Edit: Instead I’ll just title this one 9/375 and write one for today later tonight.

Also yesterday, as I was doing my readings, I found out the I don’t have any more readings left for one of my courses anymore because it’s only going to be presentations and a class reserved for exam reviews and questions. I was overly excited as I went to bed. So now I guess I’ll read over one of the readings that I skimped on since I don’t have an excuse not to do it.

I cannot wait until the semester is done. I cannot wait until all my 3 massive papers are done. Cannot wait until my 2 presentations are done. For my last social policy midterm to be finished. And last but not least for my 3 exams to be complete.

I need to cut my nails but I don’t want to because they look so nice when they’re painted. But I feel too lazy to paint them and, currently, only one hand of my nails are painted. I just know my nails are going to break off during work. But I can’t bring myself to part with them. They’ve grown so nicely.

Damn it. I got distracted again and started looking at mugs and tumblers. I am currently on a hunt for a very sturdy and pretty and affordable tumbler so I can make myself coffee in the morning to take with me instead of needing to find a Starbucks or SecondCup. But it’s such a struggle. I’m trying to save money, in the long run, and the universe is not allowing me. I do have a tea tumbler that I can put coffee in but it’s not very spill proof, which is very inconvenient.

On the subject of buying things. I bought myself a new phone case and a new laptop case from eBay and the latest, and probably the most likely day to come, is the day end of exam. I am so excited because it’s like receiving a gift as an end of exams celebration. I can’t wait.

I have also been spending SO MUCH MORE than I have ever planned. I cannot believe that I am spending so much. I told myself that $200 is enough to spend in a month, not including transportation costs and anything school related. But no. I have to spend an extra $200-300 on top of that. It’s insane. It is out of control.

My room is kind of weird.
I heard weird cracking noises. From near the doors and something the little roof door thing on my ceiling. It’s really creepy because it’s not a quiet creaking noise where I can dismiss it as the old wood just acting out because of the cold weather. But it’s LOUD. Sometimes it sounds like a big BANG and other times it sounds like the woods are being tightening together at their will. Oh, I should mention that I am a personal of paranormal, if you haven’t already noticed.

I refused to look at the time when I had to get up to pee in the middle of the night last night. It’s kind of really bad.

Any who, I have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me downstairs that it waiting to be devoured by me.


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