8 Things That are Easier Said than Done

People give advice and say things like they’re easy.
I don’t know about you, but they are hella difficult,
and here are just some of the common things that are easier said than done

1. Toxic relationships, Let it go
Excuse me, not all of us can be like Elsa, and even she took forever to let it go.
Trust us, we want to let go too, but it’s more difficult.
They may be toxic, but we know of all the good times we previously had and just thinking about letting them go is sad. Thinking that the good times might return and if we miss them by letting go, we won’t forgive ourselves. I know I wouldn’t. We just have a lot of hope, too much for our own good.

2. Sleep early, get up early, get enough sleep, and don’t be tired.
Hello, hi, yeah, have you ever been a student with a part-time job and extracurricular activity, who wants, at least, a minimal social life? No? Okay, then you are a rare exception to the equation.
But if you’re not, you understand the struggles and how it’s just always so impossible.

3. Edit your work
but I guess once you force yourself to do it, you can kind of get used to it
But only for the first draft.
Man, if you expect me to edit it multiple times, you are out of your mind. Although it would be beneficial to me than to anyone else.

4. Dress warmer
I’m not sure how warm you can dress everyday, but we north people get tired of that pretty quick.
We just get so lazy to put on layers, and layers of clothing. And taking off all the layers when you’re indoors, and trying to carrying all of that is impossible. But your only other option is to sweat like a cow. So, take your pick.

5. Plan ahead
Things just never work out. That is all. All we can do is keep trying

6. All you need to do is exercise, eat less, and healthier
Excuse me, don’t you be telling people that. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t tell people to do something when you don’t do it yourself. Also, that is the worst advice to give to people who want to lose weight, they don’t need to hear it for another 21742849th time.

7. Drink less coffee
I’m sorry, who are you?

8. All you need to do is put in a little bit more effort
If only I had a dime for every time someone has said to this to me, I’d be a trillionnaire.
Do you think I honestly not want to do well? Sometimes you need to pick between two paths. An all-nighter for the 4th night or some sleep. I’m sorry I’m not invincible and I need rest, too.


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