Past, Present, and Future


How do you stay present in the moment when there is so much going on.
Is it always good to stay in the present?

As much as people day that it’s bad to think about the future and the present, is that really possible?
I mean, everything we do and are depend on the past.
Everything we do and are affect our future.
We act to better our future.
We act the way we do due to our past.
But then how can we say “live in the present”?

Also, it’s not such a bad thing. We need to stop looking at it being such a negative thing to do.
By thinking and looking back at our past, we are reflecting upon ourselves.
Whenever we think about the future, we are planning ahead.
And these are really good qualities to have.
As much as it would be easier on our mind and body to not think about them so much, we are wired to think, plan, and reflect. It helps us survive.

We think about the things we regret and it helps us not make the same mistakes again. We might, but at least we’ll know and it won’t be such a blind-regretful act.
The past makes us the person we are. The past allows us to become the better versions of ourselves.
Thinking about the future helps us feel motivated to change, not for others, but for ourselves.
We don’t just live in the moment, but we live our lives.
People say that those who think about the past are living in the past, but I don’t think that’s true. They are not living in the past, they are affected by it.
People need to understand that people don’t actively choose to live in the past. There is something in the past that is holding us back, but that’s because it had such a tremendous affect on us. When something really good happens, we don’t want to let it go, as much we may want to. It is difficult. We know that we need to let go, but it’s not that easy. Also, when something really bad happens, we don’t actively choose to stay sad and ruminate the memory and the feelings of it, it’s just too much shock for people. People are unique, and what may take one person a week to get over, it may take someone else months to a year. We can’t tell others to move on or live in the present from our own perspectives.

People need time. Time to process everything. Time to realize what has happened. Time to figure out what is going to happen.


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