You are you.
You are not anybody else.
You are who you are supposed to be, and you’re imperfect.
You have grown into the person you are today and you should always be proud of that.
You can’t live your life comparing yourself to someone else.
You stand alone, not with other people.
You can’t categorize yourself, as you shouldn’t categorize other people.
It’s a simple concept but difficult to follow and implement into your life and how you process.
You have worked so hard to be who you are, and you are accepted for who you are.
Stand alone, be different, be you.
You have different circumstances than everyone else, and that is okay.
Everyone has different circumstances.

You won’t compare two foods, so why should you compare two people, especially if one of them is you.
And in that case, you could always be the favourable one from the comparison because you should be your favourite.
You wouldn’t compare salty food with sweet food, so why are you comparing yourself with someone who isn’t you.
Compare yourself to the you of yesterday.
Love yourself as you love others.
Accept yourself as you accept others.
You know it’s mean and judgmental to compare people, so why are you being mean to yourself.
You wouldn’t compare two people because you know it’s unfair, and you know that they have had different experiences.
Don’t be your own critic, there are too many of them already.
You acknowledge the fact that everyone is unique and the best version of themselves, or at least a version of themselves.
So now acknowledge the fact that you are unique. You have different experiences. You are under different circumstances that you need to work with. You cannot compare yourself to others because you will only be you.
The way you think right now may not be thoughts coming from the best version of yourself, but it is still you. And it’s what makes you who you are.


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