I have a Problem that I can Fix

I’m obsessive.
I have trouble moving forward.
I become indulged in other people’s lives and I wonder why it can’t be mine.
I look towards my life as something being so miserable.
I feed other people’s desire to have others envy them.
I buy into people’s pictures.
I buy into everything they showcase.
I feel like I am incompetent.
But it’s all because I still don’t know who I am.
I am looking for myself in the positive aspects of other people’s lives and, only to my disappointment, I don’t find myself there.

I have a problem.

I need to stop looking for myself in other people.
I need to look for myself in what I do.
In what I see.
In what I experience.
I need to build myself, not find myself.

I’ve had this awakening many times, I’d like to believe, but nothing has happened.
I’ve tried to make things happen, but I wasn’t committed.
I wanted to the easy way out and I fell back in even deeper.


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