Day Four: Change

A little over a year ago, I moved.
I used to live in a smaller, newer town but for the sake of more convenient transit, we moved to an older neighbourhood.
An older neighbourhood. Higher property cost. Smaller house.
I still look back at my old house and feel nostalgic.
Sometimes I wonder why I even moved.
I wonder why I couldn’t have just stayed at my old house and not make such a fuss about being so far from school.
Look back, I can’t believe that I left my childhood, my friends, the familiarity, everything for a more convenient travel to school and back.
I want to go back.
To my old room.
To the place where I grew up and grown so attached to.
I loved the spacious house, empty, yes, but spacious and it was a part of who I am, it is a part of who I am.
I don’t feel that I don’t belong in this house.
I can’t seem to leave behind my room.
I want to move out of this place.
I can’t call this place my own.
I don’t feel myself here.
I want my room.
I feel that I got stuck here with no way out.
I think I just don’t like change.
I have never liked change.
I never got used to things quite so readily.
But I need to.


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