1. Trudging along

Today was another day of placement. Another 8 hours that passes me by that feels like a waste. My time isn’t productive, it’s just time, like water that has potential for good use but it is just left there.
Often I dread coming to my placement, not because I don’t like it here but it does not seem like a priority to me.
I like the people here, the residents and the staffs. I just wish there was more, or less hours. Although 2 hours of my time is taken up by serving lunch, helping to clean up and eating. So that just leaves 6 hours.
And honestly, I don’t do anything productive, or get told to do anything until after lunch.
I come here, I check in with my supervisor and I sit and sit and pretend to be busy with something, nothing.
But hey, this is just a part of life.

I keep thinking about what my former co-worker told me the other day.
How she is enjoying her job, what she does, and her life at this point in life.
How she was telling me that the world is such a big place and I need to get out of the small life.
Explore, attempt new things.
I can’t wait for that life.
I can’t wait to like the job I have. To enjoy waking up. To not have homework, exams, readings, papers, and assignments to keep me up at night.

(side note: I should call the person one of the worker told me called yesterday asking for me, but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, later after lunch)

I got here at approximately 8:30AM and it is not 9:24AM. My current supervisor said my new supervisor that she just hired for programing and residents will be in around 9:00AM and will be meeting with me, but no where to be found.

Ooops, the big boss supervisor just walked in

Should not have assumed the new supervisor was late, I think it was just the big boss that took a while longer to come and get me

The conversation was good, got things lined up to do
Wow, I only have 2 hours more until lunch and things to get done
Okay, cool


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