Back at it again

On again, off again.
And I’m back.

This is a terrible habit to have, nothing ever consistent.
But I can’t seem to sleep, or rather, I can seem to get myself to sleep.
I know I should but I feel like I haven’t been productive enough, yet, to let myself sleep, but too tired to do anything productive.

I missed this.
I missed writing. Blogging. Whatever you want to call it.
I think it gives me a real peace of mind.
It calms it down, like the wind blowing with the current, slowly bringing down the tides.

I have been all over the place lately.
Still afraid that I don’t have enough time.
Still feeling like I don’t belong.
Sometimes I feel like I am laughing for the sake of laughing, to fit in.
But maybe I’m just thinking too much, thinking too much about everything.

I’m also going to start posting on my fashion blog.
Make some outfit posts, try to get myself to look more put together.
Maybe do more make-up and skin care related reviews.
I should really have a separate page for that.
I shouldn’t be clumping things together.
Theme and consistency is what I need to focus on.

This is just my ramble of thoughts.
Most times I don’t make sense.
Most times I’m not coherent.
I jump all over the place. Maybe because there’s just too much going on in my brain of mine and I just want to spill everything out, and that is hard to do coherently.
Forgive me.
Actually, no.
There is nothing wrong with how I choose to express myself and share my thoughts.

Any who, I should really be sleeping.
The lack of sleep really isn’t helping me.


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