2. Perpetually tired

Another tiring day, another day I cannot skip.

Wednesdays are the longest day for me, usually.
I have classes from 8AM to 6PM with two 1-hour breaks in between classes.
Today is the second time I skipped my sociology class. Mainly because of the heavy rainfall and it was another thing I could not deal with.
But I got the time to finish more of my essay.
Right now, I am pretty good with getting things done.
Or at least I like to think so.

Anyways, I have no days rest.
And this whole being tired thing is getting overrated.
My days begin early but there is no way to end it early.
Some days I feel physically tired and cannot get myself to do anything although I mentally have some energy left.
Some day I am mentally drained and cannot bother with anything.
Most days, I am both physically and mentally exhausted.
This probably isn’t good for me.
I’m not sure where I am on the stress-level scale.
I don’t feel my cortisol level rising significantly.
I just feel more sad and tearful and emotional.
I want to cry about everything and just about everything makes me teary eyed.
I know this is not how I am, it’s just all this tiredness and maybe some stress is making is vulnerable to breakdowns.

I just took a 32 minute nap and I woke up just before my alarm went off. I do not know how that happened.

I am now trying to get some more work done.
I am too lazy and tired to take a shower, but I did wash up for bed.
I purposely did not wash my face or teeth just so I can at least force myself to get up after my nap to wash up.
Yes, I am at the point where I need to mentally and physically prepare to force myself for activities. But hey, at least it works.


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