3. A single stage cycle

Tired today, tired tomorrow. That’s my new motto.
I cannot wait until exams for this semester is over. I cannot wait to enjoy my Christmas break. I cannot wait to do nothing. I cannot wait to spend time with those I never got the chance to because I was too tired or too occupied.

Today is just another day of placement.
I’ve been pretty good at forcing myself to get out of bed every morning even though I am dead tired.
Usually, I would accidentally fall back asleep and wake up too late to get ready properly.

(I’m just waiting until 9 to talk to a resident because I think 8:30 is too early to visit someone)

All this tiredness, lack of sleep and energy is making me lose weight, I think.
Because I don’t particularly eat poorly, maybe it’s just because I have been skimping on dinner. I just don’t feel hungry enough for a meal during dinnertime, but when it hits 10 or 11PM hunger comes rushing to me. It’s kind of like a routine now.

I have 7 hours and 47 minutes to go.
Until I can go home.
To go home and catch a nap, maybe.
To finish my final essay and a reflection log.

This week is my last week of work, and boy am I glad.
This will free up both of my weekend, give me more time for rest and to study.
I just don’t know how some people in similar situations as I am is able to keep up, not feel so tired, and not fall apart.

I am falling apart.

Lately, I’ve been admitting to more of my feelings.
I guess that’s a good thing.


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