6. Taking care

So I finally had my last day at work.
Although it’s probably better on my part to continue working, but I am taking care of myself now.
I have pushed myself far enough and I know that this is as far as I can go. Well, at least for now.
And I am proud of myself for being able to stretch this far.
I got to the point where I actually started calculating the time I had in a week after calculating for time gone into work, classes, placement, and volunteering.
(I’m not quite sure of the numbers, I have it written down but far too lazy to go get it or to re-calculate).
From the remaining time, I subtracted the minimum hours I wanted to get, time spent with family and friends, time spent eating, and time spent commuting.
I was left with ~30 hours/ week to study.
That’s about 4 hours per day.
That is no where enough time.
Also, there is no way I can be productive enough to get everything done in that time taking in my mental and physical exhaustion.
So now, I am taking care.


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