7. Ooops

I think I missed a post yesterday.
I tried to be productive yesterday but failed, terrible.
I got one reading done in 3 hours. I do not know how I became so slow at reading.
Also, need to start buying Christmas presents.
Also, quit my job.
And broke.
Also, getting kittens before the Christmas season.
I am excited.

Today at placement is somewhat of a slow day. I am very excited for next year’s placement. I hope it’s somewhere nicer.
More work.
More productive.
More educational.
More involvement.
Just, more.

(I’m just typing away so that I look like I am busy doing things.)

I am super happy for my friends, getting job offers, doing presentations, and etc.
Things are going well.

My train of thoughts are very unorganized right now.
I just feel tired.
I slept for so long.
It’s Christmas break soon so I will get the chance to catch up on some sleep.
See my friends, have a drink.

Yesterday, I went to a ramen place with my friends, and boy oh boy was it a salt bath. But the ice cream afterwards was good.

I get so paranoid about hearing people’s footsteps, that they’ll walk by, see what I am doing and just think, “??????”. Yeah.
But there’s only so much I can do.

So far I’ve been looking up job posts because I really need to get a new job, preferably in my field.
I need to get my First Aid and CPR-C re-certified.
Book my G2 Test.
Prepare myself.
Maybe take some extra courses.
I want to look into narrative therapy.
I should also learn some basic Cantonese.

I really have to go to the bathroom.
I should probably go now before I really have to pee and end up peeing a little bit.
(I’m back from the bathroom)

It is now 10:44 and I have another hour before I go down to the dining area and help with lunch. By the time I finish my lunch it’ll be 2:30, and maybe I’ll… I don’t really know.

I just want to see what my next year placement will be like.
I want to see my class schedule for next semester.
I am already done with this year.
And holy moly, I’m graduating in 2017, I am more than half way done.
Hopefully my placement will hire me, and I can apply for my masters a year later graduation.

I should probably pretend to be productive now.


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