So it has begun, I stopped posting consistently.
Does skipping days consistently count as being consistent?
Gosh, I have to go to the bathroom again.
It is not my fault that I need to drink water and, as a result, need to go to the washroom.
What is the difference between washroom and bathroom?
Is a washroom where you wash and a bathroom where you bathe? But doesn’t washing count as bathing?

Any who, I am still tired like a sack of droopy potatoes.
I want to attempt going vegan. I have been adapting very well to my pescatarian life, and started to weed out my seafood intake. So maybe a vegetarian first before I fully transition. Also, why is it that vegetarians can still eat cheese and other dairy products but not egg? I mean, aren’t they technically the same concept?

Today have been somewhat of a productive day. I’ve gotten through two check already and it’s not even 2PM. This is the time I would normally start getting things done, but not today.
I also need to find a good vegetarian food place to eat, or vegan for later references.

I eat vegan bars, they’re not the best, they’re okay.
I say that foods don’t taste the best or that they’re just okay and I don’t like it, but I’ll continue to eat it unless I am literally throwing up.
Food that don’t taste good just don’t bother me much.
Does anyone else do that?

If I keep writing like this I am never going to stop. I have endless number of things I want to write about. But somedays they’re just no where to be found.

I’ve been sleeping, A LOT lately, or at least it seems like it.
The moment I crawl into bed, I am out. Nothing to bother me, just me and peace.
Quiet and relaxed, or tense? I don’t know, how should I know.

I got bitten by some bug the other day. What kind of bug bites in November?????
I thought I left my itchy days in summer but I guess not, there is no escaping.
It itches so bad and it’s also sore. I’m thinking that it’s a spider bite.

Anyways, I am off to productivity land.


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