Begin Again

I am going to try to start blogging again.

About what, I am not too sure. But I want to write. To express. To share.

I told myself I would be doing a fashion blog but I don’t think I’m that type of a gal. I want to, but knowing me I probably won’t. And you would think that knowing this would prevent me from lacking and motivate me to keep on track, but nope.

A dear friend that I met on the first day of orientation is graduating this year. I feel bitter sweet because I feel like she had my back. When things went wrong in school, I could go to her. I knew that if I went the lengths to ask if she would meet me, she would. We planned things. She planned things. I like it when things are planned.

I am so happy that I met are so early in my university life. She had an impact on me, and continues to have an impact on the decisions I make about school and myself.

She helps me to be a better me. To strive, to reach.

To look back at all the things I’ve been through, she has encouraged me through hard times.

People chose roses, tulips, cactus, and other popular flowers to describe people, but I describe her as a sunflower. Not because she’s bright and strong, but for many other reasons. She shines; she makes it through tough times. She brings joy, and just as sunflowers have so many sunflower seeds, she has endless amount of help and joy that she spreads to others. Leaving her ‘seeds’ everywhere, in everyone.


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