Taking Control

I have all these idea and plans and image of myself doing things, but they don’t happen. And I’m sure a lot of people can relate.

I think, often when people can see themselves doing something before they actually do it, it de-motivates them to actually go through with their plans because in their minds it has already been accomplished. I’m not talk about the short-term things where you see yourself doing readings for school but end up procrastinating and need to cram before class starts. I’m talking about long-term plans, such as blogging and vlogging consistently for months or years. When you see yourself accomplishing these things in your mind, you kind of feel like they have been accomplished and you don’t need to do them anymore.

For some it can be a motivator, to be able to see how far you are able to go and following through with it, but for many other like myself, it just makes you stop.

You know that they are not accomplished, but you [i]feel[/i] accomplished. When you can see yourself so clearly, you feel like it will all pan out by itself in the future with no effort being put in on your end of the stick. It’s terrible, actually.

This year, I want to be a better version of myself. I want to be better than last year, proactively. I want to look back and say, wow. Because currently, I have nothing I can say that about last year. Which is kind of sad, really.

Instead of me stating [i]another[/i] new beginning of consistent blogging, I hope to be back here very soon. To be active in my actions and in what I do. To slowly check things off one at a time and not attempt everything at once.

One accomplishment at a time.


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