To do what we love and who we are

What I love to do is to hear stories, to tell stories, to know, and to understand.

I want to be able to bring life to stories and fill myself with life through stories.

I love listening. I love that my active, silent presence can do so much for others, and for once, my quietness is useful and helpful.

All my life, I lived being told that being quiet was bad. That I needed to talk more. That I needed to talk louder. That I needed to participate. And I do.
I have a voice in my mind that’s active. I have a loud voice in my mind that sometimes block out the voices of others. I do participate through active thinking. But all my life, this was not preferable. But now, who I am can be supportive and helpful to others. I can be myself and someone that matters instead of being told to be someone else.

I am able to work people without needing to “fake it till I made it”
Sure, I need to emphasize myself more so that I can be ‘seen’ but I don’t necessarily feel the need to be someone else. Only the want to be active and to be seen, for others to know that I am here and that I can help, to use me.

I found a place where I can fit. People who can accept me. People who like me because I am quiet, and have certain skill sets that have bloomed from being quiet.

I’m not quiet in a sense where I don’t talk, but I keep to myself.
I’m quiet but enjoyable at parties, I talk to people. I can and like to have conversations.
I don’t like to carry a spotlight on me at all times. I want others to be in the spotlight with me. Being lonely in a spotlight makes me uncomfortable. Maybe I just don’t like to feel lonely, and that’s why I’m quiet. Maybe hearing and telling stories make me feel less lonely.

I accept.


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