Late night thoughts

Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why do we allow ourselves to be pushed over the edge?
Why can’t we allow ourselves to breathe

Sometimes it seems like the culture that make us believe we need to be constantly stressed, constantly tired and busy.
Sometimes finding ways to stay up later. But for what? We fully know that we will only end up procrastinating.
Why do we procrastinate doing things that don’t enhance our abilities.
Why do we procrastinate only to numb ourselves.
Why do we add to the process of numbing our minds, souls, and body?
Why does procrastination always mean neglecting our work?

I just stayed up 2 hours thinking that I’m going to get some decent amount of work before sleep. It’s 12:30AM and just getting around to get some work done.

Do we live for the feeling of urgency?
This only adds to the anxiety we experience.
Anxiety grows exponentially.

When we procrastinate we lose motivation.
It pushes us down the path of hopelessness.
We become lost.
I am lost.


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