8/365: Travel troubles

Why. Can’t. I. Poop.

I had a solid pooping schedule, but ever since being in Korea, I haven’t had one.
And it’s been a good week and a half since I’ve been here.
I mean, I wasn’t able to poop for maybe a day or two when I went on vacation to Hawaii. This seems a bit… Unnatural?
I should be able to poop by now.
I know that not being able to poop links with health issues.
But it’s not like I’m constipated because I poop, sometimes, maybe every other day. Little rabbit poop.
I did let out a lot the other day because I had a little too much dairy and I’m lactose intolerant.
I did have a massive stomach ache, but it did feel good to know that I’ve emptied out some content in my stomach.

Not having a pooping schedule is also causing me to not feel hungry.
But when I eat, I eat. I eat as if I’m hungry.
Actually, there’s no feeling of it.
Also gaining weight, obviously.

I’m so desperate to poop regularly that I’ve started to do some workouts on top of the intense walking I do every day because I have no other choice.
Every day is a day to explore new places. Which, inevitable requires a lot of walking.
I’m not complaining.

But would that have something to do with my lack of poop?
Walking too much?
Walking more than my body is used to?
Could that be the cause?
I need to Google this.
I need to find a way to get my digestive system back on track.


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