9/365: All or nothing

I have finally landed myself a phone interview. I’m more nerve wrecked than I thought I would be.
I don’t think I will ever be prepared.
But I’m also a true believer in, if it’s meant to happen, and with the right effort on my part, things will fall into place.

But what if I haven’t put in the effort that I was supposed to?

I have researched this company, I have learned about the programs and services offered by the company.
I am aware of their mission and values, and mine aligning with theirs.
I know my experiences, and I know why I am fit for this position.
I want this position.
It’s what I want.
This is what I need.
To help me go further.
With this job opportunity I have a plan for the future.
I can see this leading into my future, paving my path.

Life is a strange thing.
We dedicate ourselves to work we are passionate about.
But for what?
Where does this passion come from?
Are we born with it?
Are we taught the passion we have, or do we learn from others.
Does it come with experience?

Where is my passion coming from.

Why is this important to us?


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