22/365: Flying

I have now realized that I hate long hours of flying, but I want to travel the world.
It’s such a dilemma, really.

Putting up a light hearted blog since I need recovery from my last blog post.
Also, that was written on my long plane ride back home from S. Korea.
The number of times I got teary eyed is unreal.

Any who, I hate hate long hours of flying.
I feel like I’m suffocating.
And maybe everyone else feels like this too, or maybe they don’t.

The thought of being unable to escape makes me nervous and anxious.
The thought that I am trapped.
Makes me feel nauseous and unable to digest food.
It’s also so much pressure to hold everything in, and every time you feel gas coming, you have to go to the bathroom.
It’s a struggle of its own just to get there.

You also get SUPER bloated.
Or at least my feet get bloated. My shoes feel tight like they’ve shrunk whenever I attempt to wear them again after a long flight.
And by long flight I don’t mean 6-7 hours.
I mean 10+ hours.
God, just the thought of it makes me feel queasy.

I also hate the people.
Not everyone, just those that feel entitled.
And I seem to have terrible luck with people that sit in front and behind me.
I understand that people want to be comfortable during the long, long plane ride. But you shouldn’t feel that your comfort is more important than the comfort of other people.
God, people are dumb.
Yes, we are all in economy class. The seats are small.
There is little leg room.
The more you lean your seat, the smaller my area gets.
I don’t mind the slight lean to the chair in front of me.
I mean, bud, go for it. Also, I don’t mind if you want to be comfortable and lean it all the way back for a couple hours.
But doing it for the entire 10 hours? really?
Do some people really not think?
When you lean your chair back, it literally encloses me. Does that logic not work in your head? It’s like a car seat.
Maybe I’m being too considerate? But I never jack my seat back more than half an inch.
But both times I was on the plane, the people in front of me had the need to jack their seat back all the way.
And as if enclosing me that much is not enough, they always seem to try to jack it back even more?????
It’s like they want to lay almost flat.
It’s almost as if they don’t understand that there are people sitting behind them.
If you want to jack it back and be comfortable, then take business class or first class.
I’m sorry you can’t afford it. But if you can’t afford it, then at least act considerate and not a dick.
I can’t afford it. So I stay considerate. I understand how it works.

But whatever, I guess we can’t all be lucky with nice people sitting around us on planes.

But I will say, that my flights to Hawaii were far more pleasant.
Given that they were shorter plane rides, I had little discomfort, which was mostly due to the confined space.

But can’t travel without flying.
Gotta give to get.


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