25/365: Yesterday

I’m so lucky to be able to surround myself with people that are supportive.
They are supportive of what I want to do.
They are supportive of the things I want to give a try.
They are supportive of my if-y decisions.
They are supportive of what I am doing.
They are supportive of my efforts.
They are supportive me.

It’s not like I make stupid decisions that they are supportive of.
But if I were to be making a stupid decision, they would talk me through, and I truly believe that if I really wanted to do this stupid this, they would be supportive of me.
They would tell me to go for it and be here for me when it truly turns out to be as stupid as it has sounded in the beginning.

Yesterday was a good day for me.
Not a single time spend on job searching, and maybe that sounds bad, but it was a getaway that I needed.
My friend and I, we are both on the hunt for a job.
Her, a summer full-time or even part-time job since she’s returning to school.
Me, a full-time job or even a part-time job that will give me 3-4 shifts a week.
Me, contemplating going back to school because at this point I feel hopeless with my searches.
I need to start somewhere.

Yesterday, we walked a lot. As always.
We always walk a lot.
A full 10km around the town.
Filled with good food, as always.
We had fries that we didn’t think would fill us up, but boy were we wrong.
So much fries.
So much sauce.
So much talk.

Then it was dole whip.
Pineapple goodness.

We learn more things about each other everyday.
We open up.
I’m learning to open up thanks to her.
I tell her things that I didn’t know I would ever talk about.
She makes me want to be a better person and be straight with myself.
She makes me want to be better.
She makes me actually want to chase after what I want.
Make plans for my future and believe that I will be okay.
I want to be better.
I want to be straight with what I want.
I want to set standards.
I don’t want to just grab at the closest thing to me.
I want to work for what I want and not settle.
I want my efforts to show.
I feel happy.


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