41/365: Honesty

I truly believe that there are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to honesty.
I recently watched one of Anna Akana’s video on honesty, and I really do agree with her message.
Then, my recent interaction with a friend really pushed me to write about this and really think more about this topic.

Yes, honesty is the best policy.
You shouldn’t lie, or make a habit of lying.
You may think that a little white lie will cover the situation, but really think about what you’re lying about.
Why do you need a white lie?
Is it for yourself or for them?
Are you making a white lie to make the situation more comfortable for yourself?
I don’t think a white is ever a good one either.
It’s better to be honest, but not mean.
Honesty doesn’t translate into “be mean and harsh.”
I think that’s where the word honesty loses its meaning.
Being honest to a good friend shouldn’t be to bring them down.
You a being honest in a way that’s going to help them in the future.
Honest in a way that is respectful of the other person.
Honesty to grow.
You cannot use the excuse that you were “just being honest” when you’ve been rude to someone.
It’s not an excuse for you to be mean to people!!!!
You’re not sugar coating, you are expressing your honest opinion without hurting the feelings of others.

It’s a thin line between white lies and honesty to be mean.
Kind honesty falls just in between.
But I think it’s really important to understand.
You can’t just blurt out whatever is on your mind for the sake of being “honest” and being open.
It’s not how that works.
As the saying goes, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it”
If your asked about your opinion on something, be respectful to the person.
It may feel like you’re constantly on your toes trying not to step on someone else’s, but it’s just having good etiquette.

Being honest shouldn’t be a reason to be racist, homophobia, or just discriminatory in general.

Recently my friend said, “yeah, but you don’t wear enough hello kitty.”
And I mean, I get it, it’s a joke and whatnot.
So I just responded by saying, “well, that’s racist.”
And he said, “Well, you can’t blame me. I’m just being honest.”
Well, yes, I can blame you for being a racist and reinforcing stereotypes.
I am not going to blame your 60-year old Italian mother or grandmother.
I am going to put it on you because I don’t blame my mother or grandmother for any negative stereotypes that they reinstated in me since I was young.
It’s called learning.
You learn about these things by taking an interest.
And I get it, you as a white male don’t have the initiative to learn about it, but really, it wasn’t being honest, it was ignorance.

Let’s get real, don’t hide your rude remarks and your -ist or -ism acts and words under honesty.
Own up to it, learn from it, be better about it.
Challenge yourself


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